Burning Lime, burning time

Figure 1: Middle Arm Convict Built Lime Kiln c. 1818. Photo: Darren Watton 2019. Introduction Recently I visited the Middle Arm limestone quarries and lime burning kiln on the Tamar River. It was a bit of a rushed trip, tacked onto the end of an historical tour which focused on visiting four 1830s properties around…

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Generally a useless character

  William Campbell stared at the man in front of him, “I ain’t doin’ it…”.  He was pale and small, standing four foot six inches, his steady dark blue eyes betrayed his insolence. Only 16 years old, Will was a convict of experience, he drank, stole and gambled with the best of them and had…

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On the bottle

Not really, but this hand thrown (possibly convict made) stoneware ginger beer bottle is pretty nice! This was found in a cesspit (yes toilet) on a major dig in Hobart and dates to pre-1850. How do I know? I’m glad you asked… A big part of our job is cataloguing items we find. This means…

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