Case Study – Early bird catches the worm

Recently Southern Archaeology were commissioned to survey an Aboriginal heritage site.

Our client are a major plant propagation company who needed to have the ground ready for the planting season. However, the site was identified as a significant Aboriginal site.

The responsibility – Aboriginal sites need to be surveyed to understand their significance and provide adequate protection from impact. The impact upon industry can also be considerable if a clear understanding is not undertaken. Late identification can lead to production delays, often at considerable cost.

The problem - A permit process (required for Aboriginal sites impacted by an activity or development) can cause many months of delays.

The solution - We were able to lead the complex permit process, liaising with all  stake holders and complete the survey. The Aboriginal community, in particular, needed adequate consultation. This provided our client considerable support and saved them considerable amounts of money by preventing a delay that rolled over into the next growing season.

Our tip: Consider heritage early.  In the development process it will save unnecessary delays and costs.

Stone artefact